"Jade,"  is a fictional screenplay written by: Mathew Palmer Co Written by: Carl Bradfield, Ivan Petric Copyright 2010/2017 all rights reserved.  Characters and locations have been replaced and was inspired by true events. 

Joshua Richards has a vision: Success, love, and power. As a stormy evening encourages a night with his friends from grad school, Joshua Richards tests the ultimate power of the occult; the Quija board. 

Forgetting about that night, Joshua Richards begins working for a prestigious marketing company.  Joshua Richards is invited to a members only country club and meets a sexy mysterious woman named Jade.  As potent evil powers manipulate Jade, Joshua Richards  is in the hands of a possessive, psychotic lover that controls his sanity and his life! 



This is a fictional romantic comedy written by: Mathew  Palmer WGA-E 2013; IMDb Copyright 2016 all rights reserved

 Tommy, an advertising consultant in his mid 30's,  is infatuated with a smoke alarm hot bartender named Nancy. Through several attempts of asking Nancy out, Tommy is constantly rejected a chance. Is Tommy doomed into the bachelor lifestyle of tantalizing partying?  Or will Tommy find a way into Nancy's heart.... Only time will tell.




                                   M I C H E L L E                             

Michelle, is a fictional drama written by: Mathew Palmer copyright 2016 all rights reserved.

A beautiful young Cum Laude high school graduate named Michelle, is awaiting her freshman year at a prestigious university with her roommate and best friend Deanna.  Having a privileged lifestyle, Michelle expects entitlement and red carpet introductions.

Temptations and regrets follow as Deanna is killed in a car accident, leaving Michelle in a world of constant destruction and indigence.  






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This actor was Sheriff Brandford from the movie:"Smokey and the Bandit."  George Reynolds. (RIP 2016)